artist statement



“Art is a way of communicating the perception of life.
It is my way of seeing and expressing myself
in the world around me.”

Seeking the truth of things in this world with all its natural beauty, there's a development in my work from simply describing what I see to a deeper reflection about its inherent truth.

Abstraction allows me to express this reflection in a very subjective way, letting my own perception mix with the objective world.  Subjective associations are formed by experiencing the objective world. Thoughts, emotions and subconscious elements flow into my work to express and communicate this reflective perception.

The subject of my work can be anything from still life, landscape, human figure or expressions of an inner state - whatever catches my eye or my attention in that particular moment of creating. Every artwork is a journey from discovering the world to discovering myself and visa verse.
I choose the material that is most suitable to express my reflection and for describing the subject.

Questions of identity and spirituality are the themes that motivate me to express myself creatively, giving meaning to it. There's a need to create, the reward is in the creative process itself.
Seeing people relate to my work opens up a way of communicating about the subjective and the objective, about the mystery of who we are and why we are.



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2108 R Street NW, Washington, D.C. 2008